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Lumin T3 Network Player-Streamer

This Lumin T3 was purchased brand new and has not yet been used.
One of our clients has succumbed to the Grimm MU-1 from our other advertisement and has used this Lumin T3.
Apart from the twice as expensive Grimm, we think this Lumin is the best choice.
A lot of musicality for a very realistic price.
Take your chance! Price is ex-shipping cost

Current retail price: 5,199 euros
Now: 4,450 euros

Hegel H-390 NEW!

July 17th 

This Hegel H-390 is brandnew sealed in its original package and for a special price because of our Summersale! We will delivered it including full warranty complete with all accessories in its original package. Price is without shipping cost. Interest ? Sent us a e-mail :

Current retail price: 6,599 euros
Summersale price: 4450 euros


Great Offer!

This Hegel H-590 is brandnew and for a special price because of our Summersale! We will delivered it including full warranty complete with all accessories in its original package. Price is without shipping cost. Interest ? Sent us a e-mail :

Retail: 10.999 Euro


Hegel H-390 integrated amplifier + dac.

The Hegel H-390 may be modest in looks, but under the hood is a powerhouse and a number of Hegel patented circuits. Think of Sound Engine 2, which stands for extremely low distortion figures.
Due to its fantastic damping factor, it controls almost every loudspeaker.
The H-390 is now also Roon-Ready.
The built-in Dac is phenomenal and sounds super good!
This amplifier is new and we offer it at a very favorable price.
Of course including warranty and VAT invoice
Current new price: 6.495
Brand new and sealed in a box!

Now: 4.490 euros.

Grimm Audio LS1I USB Interface

This interface allows you to connect the Grimm Audio LS-1 directly to the USB port of a PC or Laptop. Audio can be played directly from the computer without using a d/a converter. In addition, this unit has an AES/EBU output.
The interface is new and comes complete with USB cable.

Current retail price : 1,000 euros
Now: 595 euros

Sirrah diffuser/absorber

Four pieces Sirrah diffuser/absorber available from R.T.F.S Raumakustik. (Germany)
These Sirrahs work very effectively in counteracting flutter echoes within the living room, listening room or man cave. They also prevent all kinds of not fine reflections on the back wall, side wall or opposite wall.
These are beautiful gray and/or white exam papers!
Now: 279.90 p piece

Mola Mola Tambaqui superior dac streamer.

The Tambaqui is without doubt one of the best in the world. This Dac with headphone connection fully appreciates the characteristics of your set. The Tambaqui is also a Roon ready network player. Also watch the attached video by a very enthusiastic Hans Beekhuyzen.
Current price: 10,990 Euro
Now: 9,250 Euro

Kroma Audio Mini (Rare!)

Kroma Audio (Spain) is a manufacturer specialized in ultra high-end loudspeakers. They distinguqthemselves in part because their cabinet material is manufactured from Krion. Krion has no internal resonances and sounds extremely neutral and quiet.This MiMi monitor is one of the best sounding compact speakers on the current speaker market! The stand alone is very well thought out, because it is also a diffuser. The set will become available because the current owner is moving. Everything in Mind Condition!
New price : €13.500-

Now for : 6.350,- including stands!
Are you interested? Feel free to send a message.

Grimm LS 1 BE loudspeaker + LS 1S subwoofer

1 SINGLE ( One Single ) Grimm LS 1 BE loudspeaker + LS 1S subwoofer. This loudspeaker comes from a studio 5.1 set-up consisting of stereo pair Grimm LS 1 BE + this one that was only used as a center speaker. The cabinet is the luxury White Hi-Mac version
Speaker and Sub are in Mint Condition!

Price: 5,995 euros
More info? Feel free to send a message

Phantom 108 DB Opera de Paris Dark Chrome

The Devialet Phantom needs little announcement by now.
The ingenious design makes people amazed at what comes out of such a “sphere” of sound.

The 108 DB variant is sound-wise the most beautiful in the series. This is partly due to the first-degree titanium tweeter. In addition, the impact of the tight bass that this Phantom produces is very impressive!

This single copy was delivered by us very recently, but will be returned due to the purchase of the Devialet Dione Soundbar.

Current new price: 3,000 euros
Now: 2,699 euros

Needless to say: this Phantom is in absolute new condition and is of course provided with a factory warranty. Comes with all accessories in original packaging.