Ultra High-End set

Due to circumstances and on behalf of one of our clients, the Ultra High-End set below is available:

Magico S3 MK 1 loudspeakers in bronze version (2016) SOLD
Hegel H-590 amplifier + Dac ( 2022 )
Grimm MU-1 Streamer Network Player ( 2022 )
Siltech Classic Legend 880 I speaker cables ( 2022)
Siltech Classic Legend Digital Interconnect (2022)

2 pieces Devialet Phantom 108 DB in Dark Chrome + TreePods. ( 2022)

Most of this set is very recent and still has a factory warranty. Almost all components were set up in a separate audio mancave and are in new condition. Everything comes with matching accessories and in original packaging (except for the Magico S3 speaker, the wooden crates are missing)

If you have any questions or are interested, feel free to send a message.
Prices and more details will follow a.s.a.p